3D Printing Resurrects the Aztec Death Whistle

For those seeking a unique way to ring in this Halloween, the revival of an ancient Aztec Death Whistle, often termed as the ‘most terrifying sound in the world’, is sending chills across the internet.

The eerie instrument is showcased in a captivating video by the Action Lab, an enthusiast group noted for their mind-bending experiments. In the video, presenter James J. Orgill, a Brigham Young University engineering grad, unveils a 3D printed replica of this ominous artifact, originally unearthed in Mexico City back in 1999 within a temple dedicated to the wind god Ehecatl. The original whistle was found clutched in the skeletal hand of a sacrificed human.

3D Printing Resurrects the Aztec Death Whistle
Resin printed death whistles. (Image Credit: Action Lab)

You can see the video and hear the whistle in the video below. Note, if you’re sitting on the bus reading this article, be sure to use headphones when you watch the video, unless you want to get some strange looks from other passengers.

Once thought to be a toy, it wasn’t until 15 years post-discovery that the whistle was blown, revealing a bone-chilling shriek resembling a human scream. The Aztecs, by replicating the human larynx design, had crafted this horrific instrument that upon blowing, creates oscillating sound waves emanating a bloodcurdling scream. Though its purpose remains speculative, theories suggest it might have been utilized in battles to frighten enemies or as a defense talisman during sacrificial rites.

The modern iteration of this ancient terror can now be procured online, with replicas available on Amazon. Its sound, deemed louder and more haunting than a raptor’s shriek from “Jurassic Park”, can now be a novel, spine-tingling addition to your Halloween celebration, echoing a frightful whisper from the depths of Aztec history.

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You can find the collection of death whistles for 3D printing over at this link.

Source: nypost.com

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