3D Printed CubeSats for Emergency Broadband in Disaster Zones

Researchers from multiple European institutions have developed a novel approach for delivering emergency broadband services to disaster-stricken areas. The Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, University of Luxembourg, and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya collaborated to create a 3D printed nanosatellite, known as CubeSat, deployable via balloon. This technology is capable of being printed and operational in just 90 minutes, a significant stride in emergency response efforts.

3D Printed CubeSats for Emergency Broadband in Disaster Zones
3D printed “CubeSat”. (Image Credit: Parada et al)

The innovation hinges on the combination of 3D printing and CubeSat standards, which are highly-miniaturized and cost-effective satellites. These CubeSats are launched on balloons to establish a communication network above disaster zones, utilizing a LoRa low-power, long-range radio system. The rapid production and deployment of these CubeSats could revolutionize emergency communication, allowing rescue teams to coordinate more effectively in challenging conditions.

The CubeSat includes a Semtech SX1278 LoRa transceiver and a diverse array of sensors like the Bosch Sensortec BME280 and Hanwei MQ-135, all managed by an Arduino Nano microcontroller. This setup is powered by batteries, charged via small solar panels, ensuring sustainable operation. The researchers emphasize that this system is specifically designed for emergency scenarios, not as a replacement for regular telecommunication infrastructures.

Carlos Monzo Sánchez and Raúl Parada, lead researchers in the project, highlight the system’s ability to provide long-range communication independent of existing networks, which may be compromised during disasters. The next steps involve refining the services provided by this infrastructure to minimize deployment times and expand its applicability across various emergency situations. Future enhancements will focus on service optimization and broader applicability, marking a significant potential advancement in emergency telecommunications.

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Source: hackster.io

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