Researchers Print Tiny Mushroom Structures to Repel Water Drops

Materials science researchers from Hunan University in China have revealed a new bionic functional surface that achieves programmable and patterned droplet bouncing. The project holds potential for various applications, including self-cleaning technology, energy harvesting, and water management. Traditionally, scientists have drawn inspiration from nature to create water-repellent surfaces, but these natural examples lack the precision […]

Stanford Researchers Enable Low Energy Resin Printing Using Photonic Upconversion

At Stanford University’s Congreve Lab, researchers Tracy H. Schloemer and Daniel N. Congreve are exploring the practical power of manipulating light’s color, with implications spanning from 3D printing to solar energy. The key to their research lies in a process known as upconversion, which can transform low-energy photons into higher-energy ones. While this phenomenon has […]

Winners of the 2023 Formnext start-up challenge announced

Leading tradeshow for additive manufacturing Formnext, has announced the winners of the 2023 Formnext Start-Up Challenge. Created to highlight innovative ideas and advancements within the sector, this year’s competition showcases international projects in various 3D printing domains. These projects include a range from medical applications to material recycling of titanium, analysis software, and new 3D […]

Essentium HSE 3D printer and flame-retardant materials certified by Deutsche Bahn to 3D print replacement railway parts 

Time is running out! Nominate now for the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2023.  Texas-based industrial 3D printer manufacturer Essentium, Inc. has announced that its High-Speed Extrusion (HSE) 3D printing platform and high-performance materials have been certified by Deutsche Bahn (DB), Germany’s national railway company.  This additive manufacturing technology will be used to 3D print train […]

Fastest Drone in the World « Fabbaloo

The fastest drone in the world is 3D printed (Source: YouTube) This week’s selection is the Fastest Drone in the World by Luke Maximo Bell. Bell, a YouTuber, set about to develop an incredibly fast drone, one capable of becoming breaking the official Guinness World Record. FPV-style drones can be extremely quick, and there’s now […]

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