Dressed for the future: Chromatic 3D Materials and Anouk Wipprecht reveal a 3D printed dress with LEDs

3D printing company Chromatic 3D Materials and Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht have collaboratively created a 3D printed dress that incorporates LEDs to respond to its environment.

This motion-activated garment represents one of the early examples of integrating electronics directly into 3D printed elastomers. It offers a glimpse into the potential future of creative expression and human interaction with technology. Anouk Wipprecht’s design will be displayed at Formnext 2023 this week at Chromatic 3D Material’s exhibit at Hall 12.1, E110.

“Using Chromatic’s 3D materials to print offers numerous possibilities for the fashion industry. For designers like me, who incorporate electronics into our creations, it provides a unique opportunity of embedding and securing electronic parts within the printing process,” says Anouk Wipprecht. “This is my most wearable — and washable — 3D printed dress yet! As the electronics are enclosed, the material allows me to diffuse my LED lights, and the elastomer is both flexible and strong — making it excellent to bond to fabrics.”

Leveraging technology for fashion innovation

Wipprecht’s partnership with Chromatic 3D illuminates the potential of the company’s 3D printing technology for practical applications. Employing 3D printing, the designer seamlessly affixed around 75 flexible LED domes to the dress, obviating the necessity for conventional stitching or adhesives. This accomplishment widens the horizons for diverse applications, extending beyond the realm of fashion, says the company. Possibilities now encompass running apparel, bags, footwear, as well as applications in automotive and aerospace interiors, outdoor recreational equipment, and personal protective gear.

Notably, the dress showcases the adaptability of Chromatic’s materials. Unlike conventional 3D printed materials, which often lack flexibility and durability, this dress employs ChromaFlow 70, a heat-resistant material capable of stretching more than four times its length without breaking. This exceptional flexibility makes it suitable for use in a wide range of garments, including leisure apparel, sportswear, swimwear, and other clothing items where comfort, silhouette, and durability are essential.

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“This collaboration is more than a partnership — it’s a vision coming to life. By merging the genius of Anouk Wipprecht with our innovative 3D printing, we’re setting the precedent for the future of fashion. We are embarking on a journey that amplifies the boundless integration of tech and art, opening doors for endless possibilities and applications in textiles and fashion,” said Cora Leibig, Founder and CEO of Chromatic 3D Materials.

3D printed dress incorporating LEDs. Photo via Chromatic 3D Materials.
3D printed dress incorporating LEDs. Photo via Chromatic 3D Materials.

3D printed dresses push the boundaries of fashion design

At London Fashion Week, designer Jayne Pierson presented her “Ceridwen” collection, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with Stratasys‘ 3DFashion technology. This novel fusion allowed the integration of 3D printed elements into wearable pieces, pushing the boundaries of fashion and emphasizing sustainability. Inspired by Celtic mythology and the goddess Ceridwen, the collection featured organic shapes reminiscent of symbolic amulets, deeply influenced by the natural world. Pierson’s commitment to long-lasting style, quality, and originality remained intact, while the collection incorporated fabrics made from ocean plastic waste and end-of-rolls, championing eco-friendliness and individuality.

Premium ice cream brand Magnum, partnered with fashion designer Iris van Herpen to create a 3D printed haute couture dress inspired by its vegan ice cream. The dress premiered at Paris Fashion Week 2022, highlighting the fusion of “plant-based decadence” and circular fashion practices. This novel design celebrates Magnum’s vegan product line, emphasizing sustainability through the use of materials sourced from cocoa bean husks.

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Featured image shows 3D printed dress incorporating LEDs. Photo via Chromatic 3D Materials.

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