Conflux Technology Prints Argon Gas Heat Exchanger for 3D Printer

Australian company Conflux Technology and partner AMCM have recently shown their 3D printed argon heat exchanger to the world. The company first initiated their partnership with AMCM (Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines) by understanding their heat transfer challenges and objectives.

Conflux Technology Prints Argon Gas Heat Exchanger for 3D Printer
The heat exchanger, fitted to the 3D printer. (Image Credit: Conflux)

After in-depth discussions on boundary conditions, priorities, and design constraints, Conflux provided preliminary CFD simulations and a comprehensive report. The report addressed optimal configurations for fin size, design, and density, among other aspects, to meet desired performance.

The design phase utilized Conflux’s additive manufacturing optimized designs. Adjustments were made based on AMCM’s requirements, such as a larger duct diameter to enhance flow rates and reduce pressure loss. The design was then compared with the existing heat exchanger, ensuring it fit seamlessly.

With their local manufacturing facility housing multiple 3D printing machines like the EOS M300, Conflux quickly produced a proof-of-concept prototype. The prototype underwent strict cleanliness measures during its creation and post-processing, ensuring it met the demands of the inert gas used. Following internal assessments, AMCM conducted their own testing on a production M 4K machine, leading to a confirmed serial production order.

Key achievements of the project included a 93% reduction in packaging volume and the creation of a monolithic build, simplifying installation and maintenance. AMCM now plans to distribute these heat exchangers globally, enhancing the thermal management system of their M 4K machines.


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